Comprehensive Amateur Radio License Training

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Technician Class

A Quick Overview into the Hobby of Amateur Radio
An Educational Ham Comic for Kids and Young Adults
Commonplace Ham Radio Etiquette
Practice Exams:

Video Series
Technician Training Course by Dave Casler, KEØOG
Get Your Technician Amateur License! - Josh Nass, KI6NAZ

Technician Class License Course by Hurst Amateur Radio Club
W4EEY Ham Radio Technician Class 2021

Study Guides
2018-2022 Technician Class by Gordon West, B6NOA
The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual for Technician Operators

Mobile Study: Technician Study by Roy Watson, N1ZTL (Android) (iOS)
The No-Nonsense Technician-Class License Study Guide, KB6NU

Repeaters Explained: UHF/VHF 101

Modern Applications of Morse Code (Courtesy of Blake K. -

General Class

Practice Exams:

Video Series
General Training Course by Dave Casler, KEØOG
Ham Radio General Class Training, presented by N5YM of Hurst
Get Your General Amateur Radio License! by Ham Radio Crash Course

Makerspace Oriented
Suggested Prerequisite: Knowledge of Algebra I or Higher Math

Introduction to Basic Electronics

Let's Talk Board Level with Rossmann Repair
Learning Electronics with Paul Carlson, VE7ZWZ of Mr. Carlson's Lab

Recommended: DC & AC Fundamentals, Solid State / Semiconductor Fundamentals,
NEC Installations, and Introduction to Electronic Telecommunications.

Building Your Own Reciever by VK3ATL
Building Your Own Homebrew Repeater
Custom Build Resources, curated by the ARRL 
AREDN-Related, Long Distance Data Communications.
Designing Your First Ham Shack

Interesting In Elmering?
Check Here

Study Books: The ARRL General Class License Manual
Suppliments: 2019-2023 General Class by Gordon West WB6NOA
Mobile Study: General Study by Roy Watson, N1ZTL (Android) (iOS)

Amateur Extra Class

Exam Practice and Review:

Video Courses:
Introduction into Amateur Extra Study by Dave Casler, KEØOG
Ham Radio EXTRA Class License Course with Jason Johnston and Hurst ARC
Study Books: The ARRL General Class License Manual
Suppliments: Gordo's Extra Class Prep for 2020-2024, WB6NOA
Mobile Study: Extra Study by Roy Watson, N1ZTL (Android) (iOS)

Information provided and link accessibility/availablity is subject to change.


Additional Resources

K4JMC | Gadsden Amateur Radio Club (Repeaters)
K4RBC Temporary Repeater (FM 2m) 146.670 -0.6MHz 100Hz PL
K4RBC Temporary Repeater (FM 70cm) 442.400 +5.0MHz 100Hz PL

D*STAR: 145.490 -0.6Mhz DSTAR / 444.775 +5.0MHz (Reflector 58, Node B)
APRS Enabled
(APJI43 via TCPIP*,qAC,K4RBC-GS running jAPRSIgate)

K4JMC 2m Club Repeater @ 147.760 -0.6MHz 100Hz PL (YSF, FM)
K4JMC 70cm Club Repeater @ 442.400 +5.0MHz 100Hz PL

K4JMC-R 2m FM -- 147.160 (Node #242727) - K4NCQ (SysOp)

KK4YOE DMR Repeater - ID 311142@ 444.850 MHz +5.0MHz

Time Slot 1:

TG 31013 - ALERT (Full Time)
TG 31015 - Central Alabama (Full Time)
TG 9 - Local 9 for Local QSOs (Full Time)

Time Slot 2:

TG 3101 - Alabama Statewide (Full Time)

TG 2 - Local 2 - Linked to KE4CAA – Moody / Bald Rock on Local 2 (Full Time)

TG 310 - TAC 310 (PTT)
TG 311 - TAC 311 (PTT)
TG 312 - TAC 312 (PTT)
TG 31010 - Alabama Link (PTT)
TG 31011 - Gulf Coast (PTT)
TG 31012 - QuadNet (PTT)
TG 31014 - North Alabama / Huntsville (PTT)

TG 31016 - Northwest Alabama (PTT)

Time Slot 1:

TG 31013 - ALERT (Full Time)
TG 31015 - Central Alabama (Full Time)

TG 9 - Local 9 for Local QSOs (Full Time)

Please contact Wally Coker, KC4ANB, for Club DMR/D*STAR Inquiries.

(B) Alabama Nets and Emergency Traffic, (A/C) Alabama General Traffic
+Listen on Broadcastify+

KO4TEZ-L accessible (when available) through EchoLink @ ex. 791649
WebFacebookEmailClub Liasion/Trustee Contact:  David Waits, K4VMV @


VE Group Information:
Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society/VEC (WCARS)
Phone: 828-253-1192 • Email Website
WCARS-VE Volunteer Examiner Application
ARRL Prospective VE Package and ARRL Prospective VE Package
FCC Regulations Part 97 Information

Exam Locations (via ARRL):

Locations via Laurel VEC:

Find a Study Session through HamStudy:


Baofeng Handheld Users

  • We have codeplugs available for both the GT-5R and UV-5R series handhelds using CHIRP.
  • These files will cover that of the Gadsden and surrounding area repeaters. You'll need a BTECH TTL Interface Cable or K1-spec equivalent cable to program these handhelds from your PC.

    You can obtain the latest copy of the CHIRP software at: for Windows, Mac, and Linux. — Courtesy: KO4TEZ

    If you are interested in operating APRS mobile - there is the optional BTECH Audio Cable, Bluetooth TNC, or with some spare parts — you can build your own cable: Schematic Here.

    GT-5R (Build 05/28/2022 / CHIRP daily-20220515)

    (Download) [U] [SIG] • [SHA256]

    UV-5R (Build 05/28/2022 / CHIRP daily-20220515)

    (Download) [U] [SIG] • [SHA256]

    Disclosure: You must have a vaild amateur radio license in order to transmit with these codeplugs and are limited to amateur frequency space only for transmit. Files are provided at your own responsibility (47 CFR § 97.307) with no warranties expressed or implied.

    Squelch settings based upon usage of the stock rubber antenna. Results may vary.

    Using the [SIG] files.

    Make use of these tools for your platform: Windows Mac Unix